Cage Time Schedule

All cage times for team batting practices during the regular season are scheduled with respect to each teamʼs game schedule. Each team is scheduled for 30 minutes of batting practice prior to the start of each game and 45 minutes of batting practice the day prior to each weekday game. Note that weekday games begin at 6:00 pm. Some exceptions exist for games scheduled on TS-3 during April. Those games will start at 5:45 pm.

The schedules for pregame batting practices are as follows:

  • The visiting team has the cage 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to their game until 45 minutes prior to their game.
  • The home team has the cage 45 minutes prior to their game until 15 minutes prior to their game.

The schedules for batting practices conducted the day prior to weekday games are as follows (N/A for FALL BALL SEASON):

  • The visiting team for the following dayʼs game has the cage from 5:45 to 6:30.
  • The home team for the following dayʼs game has the cage from 6:30 to dark.

Where is my cage time?

Batting practice cage assignments are also with respect to each team’s game schedule.  For example, if the game is scheduled to be played on field #2 at Trailside Park, then the respective batting practice will be scheduled at cage #2 at Trailside Park.  The only exception is for Saturday games held on Trailside #3.  On all Saturdays, A-ball teams will have cage time in Cage #2, which is the cage between Fields #2 and #3.

If the batting cages are not otherwise scheduled for use in accordance with the above guidelines, then they are open to all teams.  Teams will display good sportsmanship in sharing the cages during open times allowing equal access to our limited facilities.

Note:  At the conclusion of batting cage practices, each team will ensure there is no trash lying around on the ground (whether their cause or not).  If so, the trash shall be picked up and discarded accordingly in the trash cans or dumpsters.

Batting Cage Locations:

Cage #1:  The first batting cage immediately on your left as entering Trailside Park.  It is located along the 3B line of Field #1.

Cage #2:  It is located beyond CF of Field #2.

Cage #3:  It is the last batting cage on your left when exiting Trailside Park.  It is located beyond LF of Field #1.


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